Viso’s Family History

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With his family’s dessert recipes safely packed in his bags, it was a century ago that our great-grandfather Gaetano Termini left his home in Enna, Sicily for the American dream. Almost one hundred years and 4 generations later, we are proud that his dream lives on at Viso’s Authentic Italian Desserts.

How did he do this? Settle in Philadelphia and open a bakery with his two brothers, Giuseppe and Paul, of course! Although Paul eventually separated from the other two brothers and opened his own bakery, there was something that all three brothers had in common, the desire to teach their children the art of baking. Yes Giuseppe had his son Vincent work side by side with him, but so did our great grandfather Gaetano, his son Vincent , and our Uncle Paul, his daughter Grace and grandson Paul (we Italians have a very small name book).
Anthony Viso in bakery
Our Uncle Paul’s grandson eventually opened his own bakery, The Cake Box.  This is where our father, Anthony Viso, son of Grace Termini (yes, another Grace), began his baking career at the age of twenty.  His cousin was kind enough to work with him to become a master baker using the old-world family recipes and techniques that our great grandfather Gaetano Termini took over from Sicily.  When our father was ready for a career of his own, he went to work for Weinrich’s Bakery on 16th & Ritner in South Philadelphia.  One year later, in 1977, our father purchased the bakery and Weinrich’s Bakery then became Viso’s Bakery. Our father had much success with his business.  But, in 1985 when his mother fell ill, he decided to sell it to Carmen Potito.  He worked for Potito’s bakery until the year 2006.

Two years after his “retirement”, our father got the itch to teach his own children the dying art that his ancestors passed down for generations.  In December of 2008, our parents invested all that they had to open Viso’s Family Bakery so we, their children, could have a future in the industry if we wished.  Well, we all wanted a part and since our opening, we have been dedicated to serving the highest quality product by mixing everything from scratch using the finest ingredients.  What first started as a full service bakery has evolved to a specialty store focusing on Italian desserts, hence the name, Viso’s Authentic Italian Desserts.

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My brother Rob, and I have taken full reign of the business, and we are determined to keep our father’s dream, as well as our great grandfather’s dream, alive!  We thank all of you who help this business thrive and for those of you who are checking us out for the first time, we welcome you in for a taste of the past!



Con affetto,
Donna Viso
Owner, Viso’s Authentic Italian Desserts